Everything Edible

Personal Chef Service

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Home Cooking Made Easy


What Services Do We Offer?


Services include an initial consultation to discuss your diet and taste preferences,

customized menu planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, food storage,

heating and serving instructions, and complete kitchen clean-up. In the case of

small events, complete event set up, table service and clean up is available as well.


How Do Our Services Work?


During the initial meeting, our chef will conduct an in-depth assessment as to what

foods you specifically would like to include and exclude from your diet and then

customize the recipes to suit your specific tastes and requirements.


On the cooking day you have chosen, our chef will shop for the ingredients needed

to prepare your menu and bring them to your home. All of the things needed, from

pots and pans to items for clean up are brought to your home. Meals are prepared

in your home, packaged and stored in your refrigerator with reheating and serving