Everything Edible

Personal Chef Service

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Home Cooking Made Easy


Compare the cost of fast food versus balanced, home-cooked meals, not only in dollars, but also in your family's health and well-being. Regular eating on-the-run is associated with poor nutrition and weight gain, and affords very little time for family interaction. With a personal chef service, you can have gourmet-quality food in the comfort of your own home.

Every meal is cooked to your personal tastes and designed to fit your diet or lifestyle. The food can be as healthy or as sinful as you like, and every dish is designed with your tastes in mind. If you don't like broccoli or are allergic to nuts, you'll never see them. If you love potatoes, you can have them countless ways.

Save yourself the trouble of going to a crowded restaurant or a busy supermarket after a long days work. Take- out and processed food just leaves you feeling unhealthy or nutritionally empty. The ease of simply coming home, relaxing, and enjoying a delicious dinner cannot be beat. Think of the time you will save and all of the other things you can do with that time.


How much does the service cost?

The cost is more reasonable than most people think. Please see our rates page for more details.


Are there any long-term contracts or commitments to service?

No long-term commitment is required; you may schedule the service on a regular basis if you like to assure a locked-in cooking date every week or every 2 weeks. Or you can use the service as you need it.


How long will the food last us?

This depends on how many entrées you order, how many evenings you eat at home, if your meals will be consumed for dinner and lunch, etc - we can determine approximately how long your meals will last based on all these factors.


How often will we need your service?

It is entirely up to you. You may schedule the service weekly, every other week, or however you like to suit your particular needs.


How do we choose our menus?

Everything Edible will present you with a menu (by e-mail or phone) prior to your cook date based on the preferences discussed during your initial consultation. The client will then approve or amend the menu as needed.


How do I heat my food?

Most dishes can be heated in the microwave, while some should be heated in the oven. The chef will provide written heating instructions for each dish prepared with options for reheating on the stovetop, oven and microwave.


Do I need to be at home when you cook?

You do not need to be at home while the chef is cooking, but you are welcome to be there. If you are not home, we will make the necessary arrangements for the chef to  enter and leave your home. If you are home the chef kindly asks that she be left to work in the kitchen space with as little interruption as possible to ensure safe, efficient and quality service.


Do you cook for dinner parties?

Yes, small dinner parties or special occasion dinners but not large-scale events. Please inquire about special events.


Do you do catering?

No we do not. Everything Edible is a personal chef service, not a catering company. Caterers are licensed to prepare food in one location and transport it to another. Personal chefs only prepare food in clients' kitchens, or in a kitchen where the party or event will be taking place. Small parties and events where the food can be prepared on-location are within the scope of our services.  


Do you cook for special diets?

Yes.  After our initial consultation of your likes/dislikes, restrictions, food allergies and other parameters the menus presented will be specifically tailored for you.  


Will you prepare meals from my recipes?

Absolutely! We love to prepare new dishes. If you have a favorite recipe or a special diet, we'll cook it!  


How do I pay for service?

After your cook date an invoice will be sent to you by mail or e-mail and payment is due upon receipt of your invoice. Only cash and checks are accepted methods of payment.