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Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Who Are Our Clients?

  • On-the-go families, busy professionals, active singles or couples
  • Those with busier lifestyles that put a premium on free time and don’t want to spend it in the kitchen
  • People who like variety
  • People with limited cooking skills
  • Someone you care about – consider it as a gift for new mothers, someone recently out of the hospital or anyone who could use a little help
  • Those in special situations, temporary or long term - aging parents, sudden illness, prolonged immobility
  • Seniors who want to remain healthy, active and independent but don’t want the added burden of cooking or grocery shopping
  • Individuals with health concerns or special diets who need to closely monitor what they eat
  • People planning small dinner parties, cocktail parties, holiday gatherings or special events


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Just a note to say how pleasant it was to have Everything Edible provide service for our event. The quality of the food served was superb. Your service was very professional and working with you was a joy. This was our first experience having an outside entity cook for our event and it certainly exceeded our expectations. We look forward to having Everything Edible help us with future get-togethers.

Holly Spellman  - President of The Ladies Of The Links Golf Association


Everything Edible is everything you need to be stress free and well fed!  The meals prepared for our family of four were balanced, healthy, yet delectable, and we were able to work with personal chef Tanya Headley on a weekly basis to cater the meals to the needs of our two small children and ourselves.  It is a pleasure working with a professional who is creative, neat, flexible and easy to work with. A truly enjoyable experience!

Trevisani  Family  - Santa Fe, NM


On the day of the event she arrived promptly and was very efficient in her set up. The food was delicious and everyone marveled at how much they enjoyed their meal. I was very impressed at her ability to make all parts of her service so effortless.

Charles Maxwell  - Santa Fe, NM


For more than a week my daughter and I ate the dishes that “our chef” had prepared for us. Everything, and I’m serious here, everything was delightful. Nothing was over-cooked or over-spiced, everything was well-balanced and I felt that my daughter and I got what we were supposed to have. I was so happy with Tanya’s service that I decided to hire her again soon after.

T.H. - Santa Fe, NM


While not a restaurant, per se, Everything Edible is actually a one-person catering service with a focus on smaller more intimate gatherings. For example; tonight I attended a small 25 person Christmas party where Everything Edible provided the food (upscale clients at this party, even though it was actually a private business' event for their employees)...The grilled steak was fantastic, cooked medium rare, but you could carve it with a plastic knife if you needed to. The green beans were wonderful, the grilled chicken was flavored perfectly, and since it's pretty hard to mess up a baked potato... Well it was perfect also. Owner/Chef Tanya Headley bills her catering business as "Careful food preparation, provided in your home." So maybe she also does personal chefing too... I don't know because I didn't ask, but the food she cooked tonight was awesome. I will definitely be referring her to some of my clients for their future events.

Sam A. - written on


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Personal Chefs Becoming More Popular for Everyday, Busy People

By Emily Van Cleve

For the Albuquerque Journal North

   Santa Fe software engineer Tobias Hoellrich was going through a really hectic work period three months ago and didn't have a lot of time to cook nutritious dinners for himself and his 4-year-old daughter, who lives with him part time. He found a solution that many of us only dream about: He paid someone to cook for him. "I could have spent tons of money at restaurants, but I decided to call Tanya and ask her to help out," he said.

Tanya Headley, the chef and owner of Everything Edible, is a personal chef for busy people like Hoellrich: They want to eat well but either don't have the time or culinary skills to satisfy their needs. She has been cooking since childhood and worked in the hospitality industry for years before opening Everything Edible in 2005.

Although the economy is on shaky ground, Headley said her business is doing well. "I cook for all kinds of people," she explained. "There are singles who are super busy, divorced dads with kids, and retired couples who don't want to cook any more. Some people are on special diets or are counting calories. I customize meals for all my clients.”

Headley cooks in her clients' homes, bringing the necessary pots and pans, food, and cleaning supplies with her. When she leaves several hours later, the kitchen is immaculate and meals are packaged and stored in the refrigerator. "Everything has been done to perfection, in my opinion," said Hoellrich. "My daughter is totally happy with the food.”

Headley, whose father is from Panama and mother is from the Southern United States, grew up eating everything from Southern grits to Caribbean-style coconut rice with red beans. After she moved to Santa Fe in 2001, she enrolled in the Santa Fe Community College culinary arts program. The menu on her Web site contains some of her favorite dishes. She has recipes for 44 poultry, 32 meatless and 35 beef, pork and lamb dishes.

"I get recipes from magazines and cookbooks," she said. "Clients also find their own recipes and ask me to cook those dishes.” Shopping is a big part of being a personal chef. Headley says she is seen at most of the city's grocery stores several times a week. "There are times I've been shopping when someone comes up to me and asks where an item is located in the store," she said. "They think I work there. I don't know why. Maybe it's the long shopping list in my hand. Or maybe I look like I'm on a mission.”


June/July 2009

Getting Personal - Private Chefs Bring It On Home

By John Vollertsen

For Santa Fean Magazine

  Who's getting dinner? Savvy diners, from Santa Feans with specific dietary needs to visitors who want to be on vacation in every way, are turning to private chefs. Considering that the chefs named here also do the shopping and delivery, this can be cost-effective to boot: prices vary but are typically at a set or hourly rate, with customers covering ingredients. It's all the more reason to turn in your apron and get outta the kitchen.

  Tanya Headley of Everything Edible is adept at preparing special menus, including vegan and food-allergy-sensitive dishes. Headley marvels at the variety of eating regimes Santa Feans embrace. With Southern roots and locally famous for her chicken-sausage jambalaya and chicken pot pies, she decided to go into business for herself after running a B&B in tiny Cerrillos, NM. Spot the company placard on her car as she scurries to satisfy hungry customers.